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Creative concept for business competition

Deciding to run a contest can mean great things for your company. It’s a marketing option few want to pass up. Before you decide to run your next promotion, though, there’s one step you absolutely cannot overlook – setting a goal.

What Will Your Goal Be?

The objective of any contest is to get people to take a closer look at your company, but it can do so much more than that. Take a look at a few options.

Grow Your Customer Base

This is the most common reason companies have contests, and it typically works. If you’re going to associate your promotion with a purchase, though, make certain you’re doing it legally. There can often be fines and other penalties associated with contests that aren’t handled legally, so do your research carefully at the outset.

Increase Leads

Many companies also choose to hold contests for this reason. It makes sense, too, because your entry form can include so much information. Add any information you need to make that future contact, but be sure you include an opt-out box in the event they don’t want you to contact them in the future, or you could end up in legal trouble.

Create More Social Engagement

Hoping to move your social media marketing to the next level? A contest can certainly be the way to do it, but the key is to make it truly engaging. Have them submit a video, a selfie, or something else unique to social media. Have them turn a photo you’ve taken that features your brand into a hot new viral meme. Just remember that once you get the social media party started, you’re going to have to continue it with great posts and plenty of interaction.

Learn More About Customers

Not sure who you’re really reaching? A contest can be a good way to figure out who is using your services or products most. You can even do a bit of education in the process. Have them watch a video, then enter the contest. Have them complete a survey so you get some solid info before that prize is given away.

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