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A Sweepstakes Will Reach Your Spanish Speaking Audience

Statistics suggest there are 43 million native Spanish speakers living in the United States today. When you add an additional 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers you can see why the U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world (after Mexico). Globally Spanish is the official language of 20 countries ratcheting the number of people who speak Spanish up to 559 million people. How can you ensure you reach those individuals with your next promotion? Cross-cultural advertising begins with ESG.

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Working Across Boundaries

Reaching potential customers in diverse communities isn’t always easy but including a Spanish language component in your next promotion or campaign can help you get there. At ESG, we know that staying connected is essential to promoting your brand. Our Spanish language services mean a tangible business solution packed with unique ideas that will give your company a bold edge in today’s competitive business environment. We offer real growth by creating and amplifying your efforts across those ingrained boundaries, reaching your customer base again and again.

  • Reach your Spanish language audience
  • Spanish is the most common non-English language in U.S. homes
  • Roughly 53 million people speak Spanish in the U.S.
  • 559 million people speak Spanish globally

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Spanish Language Promotion Services

Official Rules Drafting
Spanish Rules Translation
Registration & Bonding
Microsite Development
Social Media Deployment
Random Drawing
Winner Notification
Winner Releases
Prize Fulfillment
1099 Issuance
Secure Storage of Personally Identifiable Information
Ensure Fairness

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