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Engage Your Audience Where They Hang Out

Most brands understand that customer engagement is far more than just creating another profile on yet another platform. It’s not about a single tweet, another snap, or hashtag. Instead, it’s about using a combination of these social platforms as tools that increase customer engagement on a constant level. More than 2.3 billion people are active on social media worldwide. When they follow you or like your page, they’re doing it for a reason. They already believe in your brand, or at least they’re beginning a journey down that path. Our job is to help you connect with your consumers, share, deal with questions, and create the content that delivers value to your customers. In return, you not only get loyal customers, but a vast network of data that can be analyzed to help you stay ahead of your customers wants and needs.

ESG offers regulatory and FCC compliance services for promotions and sweepstakes.

Our Managed Platform Is Budget-Friendly and Quick to Deploy

Take your sweepstakes or contest to the next level on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and many other social media platforms. When you use our managed platform, we handle the behind-the-scenes connection to your brand’s account (with your permission of course) and make sure your consumers have access to the Official Rules which is a requirement for promotions. If we write the rules, you can also be assured that we will provide you with the proper disclosures and the necessary release of liability language each social media platform requires. Our managed platform also enables us to conduct random drawings for you. Nothing is easier or more effective than a social media sweepstakes when you have ESG as your compliance team member. Plus, once you deliver the graphic assets for the sweepstakes, we can have it up and running in five business days.

  • Create customer engagement
  • Gain viral traction
  • Develop an ongoing friendly relationship with your customers

At ESG, we believe social media is an efficient and effective way to engage with your customers like never before possible. Let us help you explore your social promotion opportunities, alter the course of your brand forever and begin to cater to your customers like no one else. The chance to gain a bit of viral traction is now, and we’ll help you get there. Contact us today to learn more.

Effective Social Media Executions

Hashtag Sweepstakes
Comment Sweepstakes
Multiple Platforms
Like Sweepstakes
Photo Contest
Video Contest
Public Voting
Tag Friends Sweepstakes

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