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Go Global or Go Home!

Opening your promotion, contest, or sweepstakes to a global audience makes sense with today’s borderless reach. Since brands, movies, and TV shows cross oceans every day, why can’t your promotion? But each country has unique regulations and compliance issues, and we can help you navigate them through the entire process. Don’t allow your sweepstakes to be in violation of an international law you had no knowledge about. Contact us today.

Ensuring Success and Compliance for International Contests and Promotions

  • Research: After you share the basic promotion structure with us, we can alert you to any initial concerns or regulatory hurdles. Then we seek the advice of outside counsel from each country where you want to run the promotion. Once this step is completed and will share any barriers to participation or prize fulfillment, required registrations or permits (including the cost and the timeframe needed to accommodate them), and where translations of the official rules and advertising are required.
  • Draft Official Rules: We work with you and your legal team to draft the official rules that will govern the promotion. Then we distribute them to outside counsel in each country for their input so they can add the necessary language and/or clauses to the rules.
  • Translations & Registration Permits: Once the official rules are final, we move forward with having them translated where needed and begin the necessary registration/permit process where applicable. If translations are also required for advertisements, this will also be completed.
  • International Prize Fulfillment: The viability of awarding the prizes to winners from different countries will have been discussed so you will know where prizes can be awarded digitally and/or physically. It can be a challenge to figure out the tax burdens and necessary forms required from winners, so we can also handle the needed accounting and reporting of monies to the Internal Revenue Service.

International Promotion and Sweepstakes Services

International Legal Coordination
Rules & Regs Research Per Country
Official Rules Drafting
Rules & Ad Translations
International Permits & Registrations
Winner Notification
Winner Releases
International Prize Fulfillment
Issue Tax Forms
Data Security
Format Consultation
Identify Risk

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