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Reach Devoted Brand Advocates With a Promotional Contest

More than 70% of companies use contests as a marketing strategy on a regular basis. Wondering why? It’s because contests directly translate to results including new customers, new leads, and higher sales totals. People like to win contests and it can often mean more effectively promoting your brand and reaching audiences you might not connect with through other marketing means.

A live audience watches as contest results are announced

Making Your Promotional Contests Work

To best ensure that your Contest promotion meets your advertising goals ESG recommends you start with a well-defined strategy that takes best advantage of your promotional campaign. ESG brings over 30 years of expertise and experience to help our clients understand the type of offer that will best appeal to your target audience and establish an optimal promotional timeline to maximize the impact of your contest strategy. We work closely with our clients to craft official rules, entry mechanisms, judging criteria, and methods that will maximize customer participation and engagement. ESG has managed hundreds of contests and can handle any and all elements such as social media executions, custom microsite development, contest moderation, independent judging, winner notification and verification, prize fulfillment, or 1099 issuance.

Prize Fulfillment
Digital Solutions
Spanish Language Promotions
International Contests and Sweepstakes
Sullivan Compliance
Broadcast Standards

Turnkey Contest Solutions

At ESG, our focus has always been on forming partnerships with our clients to ensure they get the measurable results they want from the contests we help them execute. We create, administer, and implement your entire promotional contest to ensure you get the results that will advance your brand. Our team has decades of experience with contests, and we’ve evolved as quickly as technology has, so we understand today’s latest techniques. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.

  • Contests deliver measurable results
  • Tap into user-generated content to promote and strengthen your brand
  • Obtain necessary publicity and ownership rights
  • Create clear judging criteria

Contest Execution Services

Official Rules Drafting
Microsite Development
Social Media Deployment
Content Moderation
Winner Notification
Winner Releases
Prize Fulfillment
1099 Issuance
Errors & Omissions Insurance
Secure Storage of Personally Identifiable Information
Prevent Cheating

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