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Screenplay close-up 2 (generic film text written by photographer)

When your writers hand you a script – guaranteed to win an Emmy®, or, even better, pull in the viewers – you are excited and raring to go. But before you gather the cast and crew and call, “Action,” there’s a step that is wise to take: having a script review service go over your baby. Why is this so critical to the process?

Script review services deliver a number of benefits, primarily:

Reading “Tone”

The reviewer has the opportunity to go through the script to gain a clear sense of the tone and spirit of a show. If changes or modifications are necessary, they can make targeted suggestions that fall into line with FCC regulations while still capturing the essence of the content.

Avoiding Fines and Penalties

This professional and/or team provides insightful notes on potentially offensive or sensitive areas, such as suggestive or pejorative language, sexual content, nudity, and violence. The FCC regulates obscenity, profanity, and indecency. These are often in the eye of the beholder, so a neutral reviewer can help spot potential sources of trouble or noncompliance.

Staying Aware of Audience

Some review services read scripts with an eye towards the audience. For instance, they can assist shows in ascertaining what level of violence or sexual content their particular demographic will allow or tolerate – while helping them find the lines that they should not cross.

Aligning With Parental Ratings

An inclusive broadcast review solution can include guidance in terms of parental ratings (e.g. TV-Y, TV-M, etc.). They will make sure your content aligns with FCC regulations and audience/advertiser expectations.

It is always beneficial to get a fresh set of eyes on a script; when it comes to guidelines, rules, and regulations, it is important that those eyes are experienced in the television industry. Broadcast Standards, a division of Enteractive Solutions Group is ready to review, advise, and help you get your content on the air.