64 million monthly active users on Twitter statistic

Number of monthly active Facebook users in U.S. & Canada: 217 million

Women dominate Pinterest and account for 42% of online adults using Pinterest

Instagram’s U.S. user base is expected to grow 15% in 2016 to just over 89 million people who use the service at least once a month, compared with just 3.1% for social networks overall  

Millenials who use Facebook statistic

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Instagram statistic

Facebook is the most used social media platform among U.S. adults

Social media platform statistic

The number of active smartphone Twitter users in the U.S. is projected to be 47.7 million in 2016 http://www.statista.com/statistics/293764/number-of-smartphone-twitter-users-in-the-united-states/

80% of Twitter users are active users on mobile 


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Pinterest statistic

78% percent of people in the U.S. have a social network profile

snapchat statistic
Sweepstakes Social Network Statistic
Vimeo statistic

​​​For 2016, the number of smartphone users in the U.S. is estimated to reach 207.2 million

​​42 million viewers on Vimeo are in the U.S.

Sweepstakes Social Network Statistic

​​91% of millennials (15-34 year olds) use Facebook

37% of Snapchat's monthly U.S. users are 18 - 24 & 26% are 25 - 34 

Number of monthly active Facebook users
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Twitter Usage on Mobile Devices Statistic
Social Media Statistic on Twitter users in the US
Smartphone use in US statistic