Cole joined the team in 2008 and provides program practices and standards consultation on television game and reality shows, including the creation of program rules and show bibles and advising production and distribution companies on FCC and program standards and practices issues. Cole has more than a decade of experience managing television and motion picture legal product with a focus on rights, licensing and content clearance. Cole has a four-pound teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Kato, who is so dang cute even people that don't like dogs fall in love with him. Cole has a BA in Telecommunications from Baylor University and a JD from Regent University.  

Emilie joined the team in 2004 and oversees client relations and business development in addition to the administration of contests, sweepstakes, and other types of promotions. Emilie's cats are named Artemis and Caspian so give her a call if you find yourself needing a unique pet name.

Alex Hendrie

Executive Vice President

Jessica Rick

Promotions Manager

Kerry joined the team in 2012 and manages ESG’s fulfillment department. He ensures all the prizing needs for promotions are met from procurement to delivery. Additionally, he analyzes and cross-references budgets (planned vs. estimated) to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.  Kerry's co-workers encourage him to bring his dog, Bonnie, into the office because she is awesome.

​Greg Douglass
Promotions Manager

Jessica joined the team in 2001 and is an intrinsic part of the development and launch of innovative digital marketing campaigns. She works with her clients from promotion ideation to completion and focuses on their strategic growth in addition to executing campaigns across all platforms. Jessica also works with the SCC division on Game Show compliance. She has two obsessions: Netflix and her dog, Mia. 

Prior to joining ESG in 2008, Alan Gerson served as the head of NBC’s Program Standards and Broadcast Administration; EVP of the Home Shopping Network; Sr. VP of Television and Business Development at Ticketmaster Corp.; President and C.O.O. of both RONCO Inventions and Vertical Branding, Inc.; co-founder and EVP of iMedia Communications, Inc. Alan is a natural storyteller and given his long and interesting job history, you're in for a treat if you get to have lunch with this guy -  ask him about the midgets and bowling story to get him started. Alan has a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and a B.A. from the State University of New York, College at Plattsburgh.

Kerry Pozniak

Fuilfillment Manager


Enteractive Solutions Group, Inc, Business Promotions  General, Burbank, CA

​Oscar Manjarrez
Promotions Manager

Alan H. Gerson

President & CEO

Cole Martin

Sr. Compliance Consultant & Dir.  Legal & Business Affairs

Oscar is responsible for client relations, promotion management, and heads up ESG’s Spanish promotion department. Additionally, he works across multiple client verticals, has vast experience with digital executions, and is an expert in social media. Oscar also handles compliance for the SCC division of ESG. Lastly, he spoils the heck out of his dog, Boomer. 

Emilie Davezac

Sr. Manager, Promotions

As a long-time employee of ESG, Sabra works within all three divisions of the company. Some of the hats she wears are: all things finance, Broadcast Standards and Practices team member, and SCC's scheduler and contract maven. She is also the manager of the ESG's yearly NCAA brackets – unfortunately, she has never actually won.

Alex Hendrie joined the team in 1998 and is an attorney by training. He has overseen compliance for over 250 different game and reality shows including Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Don’t Forget the Lyrics. Alex is often found on set during the production and taping of game shows to ensure all elements of the show are legal and fair. If you want to see the largest cats on the planet, ask Alex to show you pictures of his Main Coons. Alex has a law degree from Saint Mary's University School of Law.

Greg joined the team in 2006 and works with some of ESG’s largest clients in a broad range of promotional and fulfillment fields. He's been a key player in joint venture marketing campaigns for his clients and regularly oversees national campaigns. Also if you happen to be looking for a history buff on Trivia night, Greg is your guy.

Sabra Malkinson

Manager, Finance & Administration