We're masters at consulting on game and reality competitions. We've been helping create and perfect formats for over 20 years. We know what makes a successful game or reality competition and how it can best be produced in compliance with applicable regulations. 

Briefings with contestants permit us to let them know their rights, the consequences of cheating, and to come to us with questions if they arise during the taping. They also give us a chance to be present when the rules of the game are explained to them by producers.

Working with producers to create a show bible/rules is an important part of the game/reality competition process which we facilitate. We help outline procedures that protect producers, the network, and contestants. As the governing document of the program, the show bible/rules is referenced to resolve disputes.

Enteractive Solutions Group, Inc, Business Promotions  General, Burbank, CA


On-site coverage allows us to help producers resolve anything that goes awry, whether it's a wonky timer or a contestant eligibility question. We strive to communicate solutions without disrupting the flow of the taping when on the set and we provide peace of mind for everyone in front of and behind the camera.