Promotions thrive in social media! For many brands, success means increasing followers, boosting engagement, creating advocates, fostering conversations, and extending the lifetime value of consumers.


Increasing "Likes" and followers with a promotion will increase the degree of trust and credibility consumers have for your brand. 

Choosing the right social media platform depends upon goals, demographics, and budget. We can help you select the best one for your next promotion.

Permission Granted helps clients capture lost leads by entering the conversation before consumer abandonment with an attractive offer or chance to win a prize. 

We can help you choose the right platform

Additionally, Permission Granted is a cost effective, turnkey mobile responsive service and CRM platform that will increase your marketing ROI and build ongoing relationships with consumers.


Our Permission Granted platform makes sure consumer contact information is captured from a client's online/mobile site, their call center, or their live event venue before consumers abandon the process.

All of our microsites are programmed to be visible on mobile devices as well as laptop/desktop computers to ensure our clients' promotions have the broadest reach.

We also keep the microsite compliant with industry standards and regulations. From sweepstakes to contests to quizzes to instant wins and coupons, we make your promotion stand out.

Enteractive Solutions Group, Inc, Business Promotions  General, Burbank, CA

When we manage the digital side of a promotion, one of our goals is to maximize customer engagement by making sure the entry process and the page flow is easy to understand.