Enteractive Solutions Group, Inc, Business Promotions  General, Burbank, CA

Company Origins
Our company was founded in 1992 as Skycastle Entertainment and provided sweepstakes and program compliance services to the television industry and its advertisers. In 2008 NBCUniversal Media, Inc. acquired part of the business as well as the Skycastle name and we re-launched as Enteractive Solutions Group, Inc. with an emphasis on digital executions that take advantage of the new technology and digital/mobile/social media explosion to expand the creativity and effectiveness of reward and incentive based promotions. We have continued to grow and expand our service offerings while our industry leadership in game and competition program compliance, broadcast standards review and helping create and administer digital and mobile sweepstakes that create compelling engagements between our clients and their customers across all media platforms.

Sweepstakes Compliance
Since our inception, we have helped create and administer thousands of promotions for our entertainment industry, brand, and advertising agency clients. We help our clients safely and successfully navigate the myriad of rules and requirements that impact sweepstakes across all media platforms. We ensure your promotion can be run in accordance with industry best practices and guidelines, and in compliance with applicable promotion laws and regulations on the state and national level.

Game Show Compliance
Sullivan Compliance Company (SCC) is the industry leader in game and reality show compliance. SCC has provided its services to a great many of America’s most popular game and reality competition programs. Our long-term clients include Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and Game Show Network. From show bible creation to contestant briefings to on-site coverage, we provide third party accountability and protection for producers, networks, and contestants.  The SCC management team headed up the NBC Television Network Compliance and Practices Department and have unparalleled experience in this area, and we continue to be the premiere provider of standards and practices services to the entertainment industry. 

Television Broadcast Standards Review
Broadcaststandards.com provides script and production shooting review services to producers of scripted and reality entertainment programming.  We work closely with our clients and the production team and writers to ensure that the content comports with contemporary television standards and practices guidelines while allowing the creative vision to be expressed.  We also provide Parental Television Ratings Guidance.  Our Chief Executive has unmatched experience in this area having served as the head of the NBC Television Network Broadcast Standards Department for ten years, and our experts are experienced both in television production and in reviewing programming for language, violence, sexual situations, dialogue, and treatment of special interest groups and sensitive subjects.​